Operation Dragnet

The Democrats have put our state on a collision course with disaster. More and more people are being put out of work by their policies, which are excerbated by the Covid-19 crisis. People are desperate for an alternative.

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County IS that alternative. But to effectively fight their policies, we need to mobilize. A million registered Republicans call Los Angeles county their home. Few know we exist.

That’s why we created Operation Dragnet. Our mission is to reach out to as many registered Republicans as we can before the November election, and engage you all. We want to know what interests you. We want to let you know what events are happening in your area, what candidates you can support, and how we can get you more involved in the party.

We should have a massive operating budget – but we don’t. We are a hardened crew of volunteers with a shoestring budget, operating on donations from Republicans like you. If every Republican in the county put in just $5, there’s no limit to what we can do. Please consider a donation – in any amount – today. You can donate at once, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.


The Republican Party of Los Angeles County is the largest county party in the nation. It’s time we’ve become the most formidable.