My platform

Two of the major arenas I want to make a difference in nationally are Law and Order and foreign relations.  Obviously I have sympathies towards Israel, but it’s part of a much larger issue I have with our foreign policy.  I’m what you could call a proud imperialist, in the tradition of Gene Roddenberry.  We need to stop apologizing for our quest for freedom around the world.  We need to stop coming up with excuses for terror regimes and undermining legitimate and orderly governments.  The fact is, we’ve been a force for good in the world.  Shirking that destiny has only led to increasing chaos in the past few years.

Law and Order is also an issue at home.  I gave Black Lives Matter the benefit of the doubt for a while, but the fact is it’s the worst kind of race baiting I’ve ever seen.  We need to stop second guessing and undermining our brave men and women in uniform.   If someone resists a cop or picks a fight with them, there is no longer a debate about “excessive force”.

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