Last week in immigration

If it is true that we live in a post-fact society, believe me, most of the outright lies are coming from left of center.  If purely by the fact that they dominate the media.  Couple things happened in the realm of immigration last week that I’d like to talk about, and then draw some conclusions.

First was a scuffle on the Texas legislature.  Rep Nevarez brought some illegal immigrants into the House floor with placards saying “undocumented and proud”.   When Rep Rinaldi responded with a call to ICE and “fuck ’em.”  That’s when Nevarez and his supporters came and assaulted Renaldi on the House floor.   His statement below.

The other one was Sunday, when Maria Hinojosa from Latino USA, a leftist show on NPR, interviewed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti:

Now, he mentions an incident where ICE officers were wearing police uniforms.  I’m not gonna bother investigating this, because it’s anecdotal evidence.  Garcetti doesn’t mention whether the officers acted legally or were “pushing the envelope”.  He just takes it and runs with it.  I’ve already mentioned that Trump’s priority was going after criminal illegals and sealing the borders.  Not using the cops to threaten anyone here illegally.

And it goes downhill from there.

Let me reiterate: the Democrats’ continued conflation of this issue is not an honest criticism of Trump’s policies.  It is a way to weaponize their constituents against the Republicans.  Last week’s two events are a case in point.

First off, Garcetti mentioning his father (Gil Garcetti) was a “dreamer”.  That’s a lie.  A DREAMer today is defined as a child of someone who comes here illegally, dreaming that maybe they’ll be made a citizen instead of being deported along with their parents.  His father was none of these things.  He was simply a standard Mexican/Italian immigrant with the old-fashioned dream of making it big in the USA.  And he did.  Legally.

Now, never mind that striking the DREAM act is a contentious issue and, as I’ve said before, not high on Trump’s priorities of sealing the border and removing the criminal illegals.  That Garcetti brings this up on Latino USA is his way of lying about the issues to suck up to the left.  And they want to remove immigration law entirely.

And it segues very nicely into his defense of LA’s status as a “sanctuary city” – that the local PD will not report illegals to ICE unless they have committed a violent crime.  Really, this is a non-issue.  As far as I can tell, that’s all the Trump administration is really interested in.

And it just goes downhill from there into your garden variety virtue signalling.

I will grant him this – at least he defended ICE.  At least he understands that as an elected official he has a duty to the law and law enforcement which Hinojosa doesn’t.

That puts him a step above Nevarez, who apparently has constituents who can’t even vote.  How does this even happen?  How does a legislator go about violently defending constituents who don’t even vote and shouldn’t even be in the country, let alone a legislature?  To happily announce they’re breaking the law?

I’d tell you exactly why, though chances are you probably already know.  It’s because there’s a deeper move in this country and worldwide to eliminate citizenship and the benefits it offers ordinary people.  These are politicians who already have their elite citizenship, and that’s all they need.  For the rest of us, there’s to be no borders, no citizenship, no protections under the law.

Hinojosa, Garcetti, Nevarez, and all those in their political camp – they all know it, they all support it, they all fight for it, they all lie for it.

That’s why this is more than an abstract issue.  It’s a war.  It’s a war where people will deceive you and intimidate you to get their way.

And it’s a war where I will put my foot down and vow to fight these people, and I won’t rest until their agenda is utterly annihilated.

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