Kamala Harris – symptom of a one party state  

We didn’t really vote for Kamala Harris for Senator.  The LA Times declared her the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2016 general election, and thanks to the Top Two rule, the only other candidate was the Democrat runner up.  Which is whoever the Democrats want to put in Senate after Harris.

And now I find out she’s aiming to run for president in 2020.

People are looking at her and wondering what she’s thinking.  Well, hers is the kind of hubris that only someone groomed by a one party state can take into an election.  Indeed, her obnoxiousness has become a meme.  Keep in mind this meme originated over her grilling of Sessions’ alleged Kremlin ties.  If someone’s fitness for office depends on how well they can act prosecutorial in such a farce, an explosive upheaval is imminent.

But it gets worse.  Her real fitness for California office apparently rests on her ability to undermine citizenship by putting illegals above the law.  Thomas Wictor, again, reports:

“Kamala Harris is an obnoxious, rude, supercilious Californian. Her manner doesn’t play well outside of California.  She also has a lot of blood on her hands.  As District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco, she facilitated multiples murders by illegal immigrants.

The most ghastly was the Bologna family.  Edwin Ramos murdered Tony, Michael, and Matthew Bologna because he thought they might be rival gang members.  Harris and SF Mayor Gavin Newsom had actually ORDERED RAMOS BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO to prevent his deportation.  He was already a suspect in TWO OTHER MURDERS.

Now, the surviving Bolognas have had to go into hiding.  IN THE UNITED STATES.  Edwin Ramos’s gang is hunting them. Harris had REPEATEDLY refused to charge Ramos for other crimes, because he’s an illegal.

Harris duplicated the Bologna atrocity statewide, as California Attorney General.”

Again, if we had two competitive parties in this state, this type of person would never see public office – let alone be able to undermine the law like this.  With a one party state, elected officials are no longer elected.  They are groomed by the party machine, guaranteed office once the party gives them the blessing.  I hate making comparisons to communism but our one party elections have similar effects.

And it doesn’t just corrupt government.  It corrupts society itself.  People in this state have so stigmatized Republicans they’ve stopped listening.  Which is a pity because the GOP, in its trials in the wilderness, is a far more dynamic party with more interesting candidates.  Government protect us from the rich?  Hardly.  Now it seems private property is the only protection we have from a government which lays claim to all we have.  And the only rich are the ones connected to party machinery.

Indeed Kamala Harris reminds me of that old civil rights era parable of the turtle on the fence.  Nobody knows how it got there, but we all sure know it didn’t get there on its own.  Whether it’s Harris, Brown, Garcetti, or Bass – it’s time to remove hereditary rule from California.  It’s time to end the one party state.


By Ron B

I run this site.

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