Black Lives Matter

Blacks aren’t going to make your revolution for you.

That should be the beginning and the end of my stance on Black Lives Matter, but I suppose I should elaborate.

I decided to run as a Republican because I held certain things to be bipartisan, which are apparently no longer so – respect for our laws, respect for the people who uphold them, and that American values of freedom and justice are worth standing up for.  The blacks I’ve known are all firm believers in these things.  They work hard, are law abiding, have all the same habits and follow the same trends as everyone else.

These are the people I wish to represent, these are the people I wish to work with.  I believe that our liberal institutions are more than fitting to deal with any grievances different people have with our institutions.

And yet, ever since I’ve been in college and before, the left has had this unhealthy obsession with them as their revolutionary agents.  There’s no denying Black Lives Matter grows out of this obsession.

I’ve seen different criticisms of Black Lives Matter, none of which satisfied me.  What gets me is, every single one of these issues that the left likes to bring up as a case of police brutality, begins with someone provoking a cop.  I’m not going to bother with links because if I slogged through it all I’d never get this done.  And it doesn’t seem to faze them either – they can show someone arguing with a cop, running away from a cop, failing to obey orders with a cop, and if the cop does anything harmful to the person it becomes a national event.

Time after time I was presented with an anecdote of how cops brutalized some poor kid.  Time after time I trolled through the evidence I found, and saw either nothing wrong, or someone who got what was coming to them because they challenged an officer.

Now, let’s get a basic fact straight.  If you challenge or attack a police officer, you lose your rights.  Everything the cop does is now justified to protect his life.  This is standard protocol, everyone understands it.

I remember the Rodney King riots.  More so, I remember the Rodney King video.  THAT was a case of police brutality.  At least, compared with everything I’ve seen in the past couple years.

Again, that doesn’t faze the left.  Each anecdote that came out was another chance to demonstrate, to riot, to “burn the bitch down.”  And I say the left, and not blacks, because I don’t think Black Lives Matter is a black movement.  It’s a movement of establishment leftists, looking to bait blacks into being shock troops for their fantasy politics.

They utter all the “gangsterisms” and catchphrases that make them think they have “street cred”.  “What do we want? Dead cops!” “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon!”  They took their childhood rap video fantasies into the grownup world of politics.

And Black Lives Matter’s proposed solutions are actually aimed at inflaming the problem.  They treat cops not as a necessary institution that we need to maintain properly or reform.  They see cops as an imperialist occupying force, the jackboot of white privilege.  Their mission is to get them out of the community or render them totally unable to do their job, totally unable to use violence on people who are out of control.  And they’re getting major foundation money to do this.

Meanwhile, every kid with a camera is out recording every lunatic that starts trouble in every public place, hoping to get their 15 mintues of fame by catching a cop in a compromising situation and uploading it to YouTube.  I’ve seen instances with my own two eyes.

I’m not going to ask them how they think this affects our police force, because they’ll never change.  I’m asking this of you, the people who actually have to live with crime, who depend on the cops to keep the streets safe.  How do you think this environment affects them?

But wait, you already know.  This gives us Christopher Dorner, who went on a cop-murdering rampage before he was finally killed in a hideout at Big Bear Lake.  Ironically, the one thing the left took out of that entire episode was the brutality on the poor Latina newspaper delivery woman who happened to drive the exact same type of truck Dorner was driving.

Yup, if you attack cops, this is the kind of chaos that ensues.

Crime is a thing.  Violent people exist and need to be handled violently sometimes.  That is where we differ from the left, and insist we need cops who can do their job.  We need cops who feel at home patrolling their communities.  We need a citizenry that knows their rights and their duties around law enforcement.  If there is a real grievance with cops, our institutions are capable of handling it.  I would like to be involved in that conversation.

But this kind of race baiting?  Leave it to the Democrats.

By Ron B

I run this site.

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