Today’s GOP – a Song of Ice and Fire

Winter has come to America. Not a winter as in the end of our hallowed republic, but a winter of trial and tribulation, before we can meet the dawn of a new spring. Of that, there is no denying, regardless of what family you side with in this conflict. We can’t trust our media, our politicians, religious leaders, seems anything and everything we’ve come to rely on has become weaponized and suspect.
In this era, both parties are going through major cataclysms. Yet while the Democrats still languish in ancient ways, the GOP has real promise to come out as a brand new party that leads us into the rest of the century. And heroes are already stepping forth. We do not know them as heroes yet, as the story is not finished being written. None can deliver us, and yet they all have their role to play.
The wake of the Trump election has brought forth a new passion and fury in his supporters – Trump’s victory has infused them with new passion, taking their issues to the streets, speaking them loud and clear. But their ideas are rough and unformed, prone to conspiracy and superstition, they do not understand the intricacies of American covenants and loyalties. And if they take over the Republican party they will immolate it into a heap of useless ash.
On the other side is the GOP establishment. Tried and trusted, they act with calculating intelligence. Theirs is the icy dance of loyalties and ritual. They deal in the expected calculus of donors, think tanks, pollsters. And yet theirs is a legacy of icy defeat, election season after election season. If they are to stay in charge and blot out the new militants, they will condemn the GOP to an eternal winter.
This makes the GOP a dance of two factions – of ice and of fire. There is a way to combine the two. How it plays out will be seen in the 2018 election. But I can offer some insights based on what I’ve seen so far.
First off, Trump’s election blew the whole political landscape wide open. So established campaign managers need to be able to think creatively about races. Don’t rely on established financing goals or established slogans. Learn to follow social media groups and join the conversation happening there. Ask questions. Prod people’s assumptions. Learn about redpilling and the art of trolling.
To those militants who are wild with theories of what’s happening in Washington and Trump: cool your jets a bit. Remember that by the time politics makes it to the newspaper front page, it’s all theater. Don’t fall for it. When established politicians speak, they have hidden meanings behind what they say. Those meanings refer to important policies and covenants. If you still want to throw any of those out the window, understand the repercussions.
Most of your internet provocateurs are just that – provocateurs. They have a role to play by pushing the envelope of discussion. But if you take what they say for reality then you’re not getting the full story.
And for heaven’s sake don’t think it’s all the fault of the Rothschilds or Soros or any human face. I think even the Night King is not going to be your typical villain we just destroy and everyone lives happily ever after. And in real life there are no villains.
In the end, the fate of Westeros won’t be revealed to us until 2019, not too long after the 2018 midterms. We can make predictions, we can bite our nails in anticipation, and in the latter case, some of us can rise to the occasion. But I get the feeling the fates of the two thrones will be intertwined.

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