Guns, Lies, and Democrats

Well, now the blood has dried and the corpses are buried from the Parkland shooting, I can finally sit here and take some stock of everything that’s happened.

Oh, did that seem a bit insensitive?  Were you expecting “unspeakable tragedy” or “thoughts and prayers”?  Such a gruesome act can have no words.  And yet it seems like leftist activists had plenty to do during a time period which is generally more a period of shock and mourning than partisan activism.

I think a lot of people were blindsided by just how quickly these Parkland students were able to mobilize a full national campaign literally while their classmates’ bullet wounds were still open.  That in itself is pretty gruesome, and if people held conspiracy theories about imported “crisis actors”, I can hardly blame them.

But by the left’s own vanguard press, Buzzfeed, they admit the Parkland students had some huge backing and organization pushing them to organize.  All from the Democratic Party:

I have to thank David Hines for bringing this to my attention, you can read his full Twitter thread by clicking on his name.  But he points out the following ways the Democrats immediately mobilized to make political hay while the corpses were still warm:

  • Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding Tallahassee lobbying
  • Teacher’s union getting buses to Tallahassee
  • Bloomberg’s guys and Women’s March working on march
  • MoveOn on social media promotion, offer of march logistics
  • Planned Parenthood doing trainings for student activists

Now, why am I bringing this up?  Because everything you heard in the past two weeks – whether from the Parkland students, or CNN, or whatever – has nothing to do with the actual gun control issue.  It’s everything to do with delegitimizing Trump, the Republican Party, and most importantly, the Republican Party’s base of support – namely, the NRA.

And they do this by lying.

The first and most obvious lie is by calling the NRA some “wealthy gun manufacturers’ lobby” and not a popular organization.  The fact is the NRA has five million members – making them HUGE in the ability to get out the vote.  Meanwhile, they can only give up to $10,000 per campaign.  Of course they can spend as much money as they want advertising for who they want – but then again so does CNN or Google.  That doesn’t stop Democrat media types from pretending the NRA gives millions of dollars to Senator Rubio and putting him on the spot – while he was obviously (like the rest of us) still trying to figure out what happened.

These kinds of lying questions aren’t aimed at coming at answers.  They’re aimed at making your political enemies look bad.  And it’s working.  The Democrat base is up in arms, wanting to ban NRA members not just from having guns but from just the right to speak their minds.  The thing is Trump was ready to talk gun reform.  But it seems like he did it only to call the Democrats bluff.  Because they’re not into gun reform.

A gun reform conversation would look like this.  It wouldn’t be calling for the heads of NRA members,  Republicans, Donald Trump.  It wouldn’t be throwing around names like “assault rifle” “high capacity magazines” and random nonsensical phrases in no particular order.

A sensible conversation would take into account that this is a free country, and if you want to reduce the number of guns in this country, you have to get people to be willing to comply with you.  All these past two weeks have done was send more people running to the NRA in defensiveness.

But instead we got more posturing, more photo ops like meaningless boycotts and gun buybacks.  None of which means anything.

Now I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Trump’s idea of arming teachers – and I think he said it mainly as polemic, because he saw these protests for what they were.  But being a Jew, and having been to Israel, I’m well aware of proper security protocols.  You just have to secure some areas, and do it properly.  Within that area, nobody has a gun.  Within that area, nobody needs to worry.  Something that obviously wasn’t the case in Parkland.

I could go on, and discuss all the different issues and failures that went on in Parkland.  But I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer some perspective.  Which is that we’re not having a legitimate discussion on gun control.  The Democrats are using children who just suffered a horrific shooting to push their partisan agenda.  Because there is no lie or tactic too ghoulish for them to resort to, if they can recover the power they lost when Trump became president.

It all reminds me of another timeless ghoulish image.

Goya – Saturn devouring his children. As do those who see their own doom.