No on 10, yes on 6, and other final campaign thoughts

This is my final post before we go to the polls tomorrow.  I wish I could be more upbeat about these midterms, but this election has shown me the worst that our society has to offer.  The Democrats are running off pure hysterical lies to their base, and I worry that will have a significant effect on elections tomorrow.  Meanwhile our campaign has suffered a virtual blackout, as has most of the GOP.  So we can’t even confront these lies.

I wrote about this on Facebook yesterday, Lessons from East Berlin.  I won’t bore you with that here, you can just click on the link.  I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware about the major ballot measures and other issues to vote for.  Aside from that, all lawn signs are out, all leaflets have been distributed, everything I can say has been said, and now we wait.  Oh, and if you’re interested, election night party at Bamboo, tomorrow at 8pm.

NO on Prop 10: this is the repeal of Costa Hawkins, which protects single family homes, condos and duplexes from rent control.  If this law passes, any unit, room, or bungalow will be fair game for city rent control laws.  This is a state takeover of property, and the state’s allies have been pushing for this with their siren song of free stuff.

YES on Prop 6: this repeals the gas tax auto-hikes that our state passed into law.  The state, and again its allies, argue this will go for needed road repairs.  But none of it actually is going for roads.  They just push the hike on us claiming it’s for things we want, then divert funds to go to their pet projects.

Find your polling place.

Governor: Jon Cox (R)

US Senator: Diane Feinstein (D)

Secretary of State: Mark Meuser (R)

State Controller: Konstantinos Roditis (R)

Treasurer: Greg Conlon (R)

Attorney General: Steven Bailey (R)

Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner (I)

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Marshall Tuck (D)

Craig Huey has great recommendations on the other issues.


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