Where have I been? What’s next?

If you’ve been asking either of these questions of me lately, I don’t blame you.  Aside from some obscure post on nuclear fusion and a whole lot of tweeting, I’ve been absent.

Rest assured, I have not retreated to some mountain hideaway or back into private life with my tail between my legs.  I always knew this campaign was a dry run, and we’d need to think beyond November for any real change.

So the short answer is I’ve been busy laying the groundwork for the 2020 season.  After many discussions with party members and other professionals, I finally have some news.

Now that my own campaign is over I want to devote my time to making sure we have Republican candidates for every race in our area.  Therefore, my own best efforts will be best spent continuing to build the 54th AD GOP central committee.  If you’re not familiar with us, we’re a division of LAGOP that represents West-Central Los Angeles.

We are a small, all-volunteer group with a shoestring budget.  But I don’t intend to keep it this way.  I’m working on some local projects for this group, and I transferred my donation page to them.  Beyond that, I will be going on two trips later this month to stump for our group and get some much needed attention to our mission to field and train candidates and increase GOP voter participation in the area.

The first will be the CAGOP convention in Sacramento February 22-24.  I’m already very involved in the race for CAGOP chair, though I haven’t yet made an endorsement.  We’re dealing with a lot of frustration after this last election, and people legitimately want a change, but we need to make sure to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

The second will be the CPAC convention in Washington DC the weekend after that.  I will be hoping to get our group some national attention as well.  I went there last year and it was an exciting mix of some of the freshest voices in the post-Trump GOP along with the more seasoned veterans.

That’s it for now!  Much more coming soon enough.  Remember our primary is in March 2020 this season, so only 14 months to go!  We have a lot of important issues to deal with in this state that aren’t going away – Prop 13, public safety and vagrancy, free speech and association, the list goes on.  The Democrats only promise to make these issues worse.  And so long as these issues will be with us, so will I.

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