Black Lives Matter

Blacks aren’t going to make your revolution for you.

That should be the beginning and the end of my stance on Black Lives Matter, but I suppose I should elaborate.

I decided to run as a Republican because I held certain things to be bipartisan, which are apparently no longer so – respect for our laws, respect for the people who uphold them, and that American values of freedom and justice are worth standing up for.  The blacks I’ve known are all firm believers in these things.  They work hard, are law abiding, have all the same habits and follow the same trends as everyone else.

These are the people I wish to represent, these are the people I wish to work with.  I believe that our liberal institutions are more than fitting to deal with any grievances different people have with our institutions.

And yet, ever since I’ve been in college and before, the left has had this unhealthy obsession with them as their revolutionary agents.  There’s no denying Black Lives Matter grows out of this obsession.

I’ve seen different criticisms of Black Lives Matter, none of which satisfied me.  What gets me is, every single one of these issues that the left likes to bring up as a case of police brutality, begins with someone provoking a cop.  I’m not going to bother with links because if I slogged through it all I’d never get this done.  And it doesn’t seem to faze them either – they can show someone arguing with a cop, running away from a cop, failing to obey orders with a cop, and if the cop does anything harmful to the person it becomes a national event.

Time after time I was presented with an anecdote of how cops brutalized some poor kid.  Time after time I trolled through the evidence I found, and saw either nothing wrong, or someone who got what was coming to them because they challenged an officer.

Now, let’s get a basic fact straight.  If you challenge or attack a police officer, you lose your rights.  Everything the cop does is now justified to protect his life.  This is standard protocol, everyone understands it.

I remember the Rodney King riots.  More so, I remember the Rodney King video.  THAT was a case of police brutality.  At least, compared with everything I’ve seen in the past couple years.

Again, that doesn’t faze the left.  Each anecdote that came out was another chance to demonstrate, to riot, to “burn the bitch down.”  And I say the left, and not blacks, because I don’t think Black Lives Matter is a black movement.  It’s a movement of establishment leftists, looking to bait blacks into being shock troops for their fantasy politics.

They utter all the “gangsterisms” and catchphrases that make them think they have “street cred”.  “What do we want? Dead cops!” “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon!”  They took their childhood rap video fantasies into the grownup world of politics.

And Black Lives Matter’s proposed solutions are actually aimed at inflaming the problem.  They treat cops not as a necessary institution that we need to maintain properly or reform.  They see cops as an imperialist occupying force, the jackboot of white privilege.  Their mission is to get them out of the community or render them totally unable to do their job, totally unable to use violence on people who are out of control.  And they’re getting major foundation money to do this.

Meanwhile, every kid with a camera is out recording every lunatic that starts trouble in every public place, hoping to get their 15 mintues of fame by catching a cop in a compromising situation and uploading it to YouTube.  I’ve seen instances with my own two eyes.

I’m not going to ask them how they think this affects our police force, because they’ll never change.  I’m asking this of you, the people who actually have to live with crime, who depend on the cops to keep the streets safe.  How do you think this environment affects them?

But wait, you already know.  This gives us Christopher Dorner, who went on a cop-murdering rampage before he was finally killed in a hideout at Big Bear Lake.  Ironically, the one thing the left took out of that entire episode was the brutality on the poor Latina newspaper delivery woman who happened to drive the exact same type of truck Dorner was driving.

Yup, if you attack cops, this is the kind of chaos that ensues.

Crime is a thing.  Violent people exist and need to be handled violently sometimes.  That is where we differ from the left, and insist we need cops who can do their job.  We need cops who feel at home patrolling their communities.  We need a citizenry that knows their rights and their duties around law enforcement.  If there is a real grievance with cops, our institutions are capable of handling it.  I would like to be involved in that conversation.

But this kind of race baiting?  Leave it to the Democrats.

ADL flirts with Defamation

Oh, the irony.

I’ve actually been meaning to write about ADL’s flirtation with madness for a few months, ever since I went to their presentation at Google HQ on contemporary Cyberhate, back in February.

For the record, I’ve had a very good relationship with the ADL.  I’ve shared their article on blood libel countless times.  And yes, they fight modern blood libel too.  When I encountered some anti-Semitic graffiti in my neighborhood, they contacted the police to remove it – when Facebook simply deleted my post about this and suspended me.

So it’s with great sadness that I saw their latest article,  From Alt Right to Alt Lite: Naming the Hate, on my Twitter feed.  In it hey smear a whole array of conservative voices with the “alt-right/alt-light” brush.

It was a conclusion I’ve been hoping to avoid since that fateful evening in Feburary.  But now I have to come out and say it – they’re flirting with false realities to suck up to Silicon Valley leftists.

February’s meeting on Cyberhate featured Brittan Heller, based in Silicon Valley.  She rattled off an impressive looking array of statistics with a specific agenda in mind – to show how Donald Trump’s rise to power is fueling Neo Nazis.  Coupled with ADL’s pamphlets about classic Neo Nazi groups, this seemed to make an impressive display.

The only problem is none of the statistics withstood any scrutiny.

She mentioned “a billion” impressions of hate in the past year.  The issue is even someone obscure like myself can average 2000-5000 impressions a day.  So when you extrapolate to Twitter at large, that’s no more than the usual background noise.  Even her chart on how hate impressions spiked in the past year can easily be explained by the contentiousness of this election season.

A couple of us challenged her on her findings, myself both in the meeting and via e-mail.  She danced around my question, and didn’t answer my e-mail request for her statistics or how she arrived at them.

But who needs to provide evidence when you have an agenda to prop up?

And it looks like ADL is taking this agenda and running with it.

The post about Gavin McInnes is laughable at best, a tragedy at worst.  Gavin’s video “ten things I hate about Israel” is pure satire.  One of the things he hates is how Israelis get laid too much.  I can live with that.  And never mind that this was published under the Rebel Media label, owned by Ezra Levant, a proud and militant Jew.  During a trip to Israel with Ezra Levant.

The fact that ADL would turn satire into evidence of Gavin’s hate is defamation.  Full Stop.

I’m not even going to touch on Milo Yiannopoulos, whom I’ve defended once already.  But I will say he got the Freedom Award from David Horowitz, another outspoken Jew.  And he does sue people who smear him as a white nationalist.  So look out for that.

A couple of people, like Richard Spencer or Baked Alaska, may raise an eyebrow and it’s good to keep them at a safe distance.  But they’re also worth paying attention to, not just dismissing as hate symbols.  Baked Alaska for one is worth watching for documentary footage alone – quite active and livestreams a lot of demonstrations.  Cernovich and Posobiec are provocateurs at worst.  Which does not file under hate.  I haven’t seen either of them post anything remotely anti-Semitic.

But the fact is, Jews are all over the political spectrum.  And we encounter hate and blame from both sides equally.  This election cycle is no different.  I’ve joked that no matter whether Trump or Hillary won the election, it’s comforting to know we’d still be blamed for it.  And between leftist groups like Jewish Voice for Peace or the Chicago Dyke March getting a Jewish lesbian fired, the hate towards Jews I worry about is coming from the left.

I get the reason the ADL is doing this.  In the end, they need money to survive, and it’s the Silicon Valley SJWs who have it.  So they need to speak their language.  Except it’s by publishing an agenda that flatters them and defames half the country.  The term “Alt-Right” may have been coined by Richard Spencer, but it was made popular by Hillary Clinton.  She meant it to smear everyone who opposed her as a deplorable Neo Nazi.  It’s a blatant lie.

The ultimate problem is lies lead to hate.  When you lie about people, when you smear and defame them, you only give them justified cause to hate you.  The ADL can quickly lose their name and reputation if they continue on this track, a track the rest of the left seems to be doubling down on.  I hope they issue a quick retraction and take a second look at this issue.  A lot of us Jews are watching.

UPDATE: looks like the reaction is coming quick, and not just from the ADL’s targets.  Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has called the ADL a “partisan witch hunt group” for their list.

Kamala Harris – symptom of a one party state  

We didn’t really vote for Kamala Harris for Senator.  The LA Times declared her the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2016 general election, and thanks to the Top Two rule, the only other candidate was the Democrat runner up.  Which is whoever the Democrats want to put in Senate after Harris.

And now I find out she’s aiming to run for president in 2020.

People are looking at her and wondering what she’s thinking.  Well, hers is the kind of hubris that only someone groomed by a one party state can take into an election.  Indeed, her obnoxiousness has become a meme.  Keep in mind this meme originated over her grilling of Sessions’ alleged Kremlin ties.  If someone’s fitness for office depends on how well they can act prosecutorial in such a farce, an explosive upheaval is imminent.

But it gets worse.  Her real fitness for California office apparently rests on her ability to undermine citizenship by putting illegals above the law.  Thomas Wictor, again, reports:

“Kamala Harris is an obnoxious, rude, supercilious Californian. Her manner doesn’t play well outside of California.  She also has a lot of blood on her hands.  As District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco, she facilitated multiples murders by illegal immigrants.

The most ghastly was the Bologna family.  Edwin Ramos murdered Tony, Michael, and Matthew Bologna because he thought they might be rival gang members.  Harris and SF Mayor Gavin Newsom had actually ORDERED RAMOS BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO to prevent his deportation.  He was already a suspect in TWO OTHER MURDERS.

Now, the surviving Bolognas have had to go into hiding.  IN THE UNITED STATES.  Edwin Ramos’s gang is hunting them. Harris had REPEATEDLY refused to charge Ramos for other crimes, because he’s an illegal.

Harris duplicated the Bologna atrocity statewide, as California Attorney General.”

Again, if we had two competitive parties in this state, this type of person would never see public office – let alone be able to undermine the law like this.  With a one party state, elected officials are no longer elected.  They are groomed by the party machine, guaranteed office once the party gives them the blessing.  I hate making comparisons to communism but our one party elections have similar effects.

And it doesn’t just corrupt government.  It corrupts society itself.  People in this state have so stigmatized Republicans they’ve stopped listening.  Which is a pity because the GOP, in its trials in the wilderness, is a far more dynamic party with more interesting candidates.  Government protect us from the rich?  Hardly.  Now it seems private property is the only protection we have from a government which lays claim to all we have.  And the only rich are the ones connected to party machinery.

Indeed Kamala Harris reminds me of that old civil rights era parable of the turtle on the fence.  Nobody knows how it got there, but we all sure know it didn’t get there on its own.  Whether it’s Harris, Brown, Garcetti, or Bass – it’s time to remove hereditary rule from California.  It’s time to end the one party state.


Tech Platform

I’ve been involved in the internet boom ever since my 14k baud modem days back in college in the 90s.  Back in the 20th century I saw the internet’s promise to centralize information and present it easily to anyone authorized to view it.

But as someone who’s been involved in the private sector I’ve seen how lacking in competence and wisdom the public sector is.  I would like to usher in some refreshing changes on several fronts:

  1. Maintain business friendly practices to allow Silicon Beach to fully develop
  2. Push for new global opportunities in tech
  3. Hold the public sector to the same accountability that the private sector has
  4. No company is too big to fail or too small to matter
  5. Use the internet to increase public participation

A further explanation of each issue:

  1. Silicon Beach – it seemed like the benefits of the internet economy would stay limited to Silicon Valley, but in retrospect it had its limits. A combination of rent control and strict development limits have set housing costs so high in the Bay Area, tech could only realistically grow by moving south.  Here in Los Angeles, we have a liberal growth environment and market based housing.  If we maintain an approach of enlightened growth in our district, Los Angeles will continue to be a hub of new business and opportunity in tech.
  2. Seeking new global opportunities for tech – Trump’s presidency brought a lot of worry that he’d close off the US economy with protectionism. This doesn’t need to be the case.  The 37th district benefits immensely from global trade, not just from our port but from the influence of the internet economy.  People worry about jobs, businesses worry about opportunities for growth.  I will make sure world trade continues to expand and give us ever newer opportunities for fresh business and growth.
  3. An accountable public sector. Los Angeles quoted citywide free wifi at $5 billion.  There’s no way it should be that high, by orders of magnitude.  My experience is the public sector just hands out tech contracts to their friends with no oversight, or clue.  This is also how someone like Hillary could get away with a private email server for years, or Obama thought a bomb hoax was an actual science project.  As congressman I will make sure A) that the public sector has compliance standards similar to the private sector B) that the public sector adopts internet tech at some level comparable to the private sector
  4. No company is too big to fail, too small to matter. Google/YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook all have a strong presence in Silicon Beach.  They also have been in the news lately for their alleged censorship of conservative voices.  This is a dilemma.  The internet is now undeniably a part of the public sphere, and as such, is no different from a mall in first amendment protections.  Be it Google’s maldirection of searches, or Twitter’s endorsing or banning anyone who follows or contradicts their politics, this is bad for Democracy.  And these companies should be held to account.  We need to see this accountability as good for their long term health.  Companies that succeed or fail based on their political affiliations undermine both our democracy and their long term business plan.  Because when it comes down to it, politicians and social movements come and go.  We don’t want our economy to fluctuate with them.
    Meanwhile, the internet has also drastically reduced the barriers to entry.  This means that more and more independent voices are getting their say, more and more business are getting more easily heard by their customers.  As custodians of capitalism we should be nurturing this very environment.  Not regarding it with suspicion.  This leads to:
  5. Increasing public participation through the internet. Ultimately a neutral internet environment will be a place where all people have a platform and the marketplace of ideas can truly flourish.  This also means more people can have a voice in government.  I created myself in a few hours.  There’s no reason all politicians shouldn’t have some kind of online interaction with their constituents.  And yet few do.  As Obama said, the Internet is a disruptive technology.  But in its disruption it yearns to create a new order, one where people will again truly have a say in their government and no ideas, people, or institutions will be above question.

#CNNblackmail – what’s important, what’s entertainment

In case you haven’t heard, Trump tweeted the following video about CNN:

CNN didn’t let this go, not by a long shot.  They found the Redditor who made the original meme, HansAssholeSolo, and threatened to Dox him for it unless he removed all his Reddits and apologized for his work.

And they bragged about it.

Naturally the entire internet took this as a declaration of war.  The memes perpetrated against CNN were infinite.

Just one of my favorites

The theories were all over the place.  How could they do such a sinister thing?  They were compared to everything from an unofficial secret police to a mafia.  And to some extend all these people are right.

But here’s the thing.  I used to work in an office with a television in it.  I could watch any cable channel I wanted to, anytime.  Generally I put it on CNN on mute.  Because I found this out about them – they put out about 10 minutes of relevant news per day.  For the other 23 hours and 50 minutes they have to make stuff up to get eyeballs.

Project Veritas proved it with the whole Russia story.  It’s a “nothingburger” cynically manipulating sore losers into thinking maybe they’ll get their candidate after all.  And God bless them for it.

But the fact that they would pull such a stunt, I really feel like it’s just another attempt to get eyeballs.  Except in this internet age, this isn’t just about eyeballs.  The more attention you get, the more people talk about you, the higher your ratings go.  CNN just pulled a move that skyrocketed their ratings yet again.

That, and they’re a failing channel with an aging demographic desperate to cling to their dying business model.  It’s all a very complicated calculus.

Besides, who am I to deny the entertainment value of memes?