Los Angeles, Jews, and redistricting

This past year has been rough for the Jewish community in Los Angeles.  We’re used to a certain background antisemitism, that springs up from any number of current events.  But last year we saw our neighborhoods defaced by the summer protests.  And this past week we watched in horror as Jews got beaten up on the streets of Los Angeles and New York. 

We have long standing opportunity to do something about it. 

The Jews of Los Angeles congregate on the Pico/Olympic corridor, stretching from the 405 Freeway to Western.  Both the assembly and congressional districts cut our community right in two.  The border of assembly districts 50 and 54 cut right through the Pico/Robertson intersection – home of the historic Orthodox Pico/Robertson neighborhood.  The border of the 33rd and 37th districts cuts right through Sinai temple – the largest conservative synagogue in Los Angeles.  The 33rd and 28th congressional districts also split off Melrose/Fairfax through Highland Park, another concentration of Jews.

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Over the coming months, California redistricting representatives will take input on redistricting.  Jews form a natural community of interest in this – and that gives us a say.  Go to wedrawthelinesca.org for more information on this process.

The Jewish community should be undivided – within assembly, congressional and state senate districts.  A quick look for synagogues in Los Angeles shows a natural distribution which is easy to work with.

The state representatives in charge of redistricting will be taking testimony in about a month.  Now is a good time for any representatives to get in touch with them and request a hearing.  Rabbis, community leaders, elected officials, all can request a hearing and invite their community.

Request a hearing here  or draw how you feel our district should look at  We Draw The Lines CA

Over the next few months I will be doing what I can to reach out to various contacts and encourage them to be more involved in the redistricting process.  I will be updating this page as the process unfolds.  For now, we have what we need to get started.

One People, one God, one district.

A quick Google Maps search for “Los Angeles synagogues”
A quick view of the 50th and 54th Assembly districts
A quick view of 28th, 33rd, and 37th Congressional districts