Antisemitism and activist groups – both fake

The media have been abuzz lately about a desecration of a Philadelphia Jewish cemetery and a string of phoned in bomb threats.  The bomb threats all turned out to be hoaxes, and nobody’s claimed responsibility for any of these things.

That didn’t stop the usual parties from assigning blame to Donald Trump, and throwing antisemitism and Islamophobia together in one political pot.  The Anne Frank Center tweeted “…your presidency has given the oxygen of incitement to some of the most viciously hateful elements of our society.”

There’s two things going on here.  First is the fact that people are blaming Trump before anyone has claimed responsibility.  For years now I’ve been following antisemitism – and it’s usually come from the left and from Muslims, very thinly veiled as anti-Zionism.  I’ve seen a couple Trump tweeters blame the Jews for the media and the establishment left.  But compared to spraying swastikas on Jewish fraternities after a BDS measure passes, it’s quite innocuous.

And consider that the left does things like smear Trump over a bugged conversation 15 years ago, or smear Milo and Pewdiepie, or pass out Russian flags at CPAC and pretend it wasn’t a prank.  With this in mind, and how quickly the left coordinated the blame on Trump, I wouldn’t put it past one of them to call in those threats.

Second, I never heard of the Anne Frank Center till yesterday.  I’ve written before about AstroTurf Jewish groups like J-Street and Jewish Voice for Peace (which is none of those three).  And it seems the Anne Frank Center is no different.

Karen Bass posing with Jewish Voice for Peace. Once I called her out that they’re very anti-Jew, she removed the photo from her FB feed.

The thing is, any organization can name itself after Anne Frank, much to the chagrin of her family.  The Daily Caller and Front Page both a great expose about how they were fluffed up from nothing.  Elder of Ziyon also pointed out that they had no real role in any Holocaust remembrance.

About the only journal not to jump on the Blame Trump for Everything We Don’t Like bandwagon was the National Review.   They echo my concerns that the Gaza War of 2014 saw a major uptick in violence against Jews – to which the left just said “well it’s because you’re pro-Israel”.

So for now, we only have conjecture to go by.

What we have been seeing the past few weeks (months) is very coordinated attempts by very established and unscrupulous media to deliver a specific narrative.  They’re in league with people who really don’t have an issue with committing violence against Jews, and they will stop at nothing to take down Trump.  Groups that fit the narrative and provide them ammunition are elevated to national status.

I smell a rat in all of this.  And the Anne Frank Center is not exempt.  Add them to the list of snakes in the grass.

No Country for Milo Yiannopoulos

Apologies for not writing in a while.  I want this to at least be a semi-daily blog, especially with how fast things are developing under Trump.  But I had some major drama at work and now I’m sick with the flu.  So I’ve had to take some time off.

But on the heels of the hit piece on YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, came the hit piece on Milo Yiannopoulos a couple days ago.  The whole thing had the signature of a coordinated effort.  By the time I could get my morning coffee going, all the newspapers repeated the same mantra that he’s a pedophile apologist, he was dropped from speaking at CPAC, lost his book deal with Simon and Schuster, and at least was predicted to announce his resignation from Breitbart.

Predicted by 4chan even – arguably the people’s CIA.

Smear campaigns seem to be all the rage these days, bouyed by a certain salaciousness to the claims that make people not want to touch it.  This makes it compelling for people not to research the topic and instead go along with it.  After all, the opposition to Trump is at this point based on a pussy grabbing comment.  So it’s easy to dismiss this.

But there are two major differences that make Milo’s smear campaign that much worse – and why I mentioned Pewdiepie to begin with.  While Pewdiepie is an apolitical Youtuber, Milo has been on the front lines of the political culture war.  And the second is that Milo was betrayed by the right as well as the left.  There’s a certain, “Et tu, Breitbart?” feel to all of this.

Sargon of Akkad, a youtuber I subscribe to, has a great video explaining the details of Milo’s smear campaign.   The major detail to remember  out of all that, though, is that Milo basically said the same things other Hollywood celebrities like Elijah Wood or Cory Haim said – that Hollywood has a pedophile ring.  That’s all.  This is what was twisted into saying he was justifying pedophilia.

In fact Milo has been pretty hard on Pedophiles.

And the thing is, I can kind of understand Milo resigning from Breitbart.  Breitbart is getting into the big leagues, I’m sure they’re looking to play nice with more established conservative circles like CPAC.  Milo’s URL remains, and the fact is he’s gotten much bigger than his editorship role.  So it’s a non-issue.

What does bother me is #NeverTrump conservative groups have joined the leftist media in smearing Milo.  Evan McMullin and the Reagan Battallion have seemed to be front and center in all this, but again, I’ll let you watch the Sargon video for that.  You’ve had a number of conservative bloggers jump on this train and distance themselves from Milo.

To that I say, you ungrateful fucking saps.

Milo could singlehandedly be the reason conservatism rose its way out of irrelevance and has found new popularity on college campuses.  None of these policy wonks and talking heads and bloggers would have audience member #1 if it wasn’t for the work Milo has done.

He has marched through the campuses, through the social media platforms, and stood up for basic conservative values that bring everybody together.  Values like individual liberty and responsibility.  Law and order, and the right to borders and immigration laws.  Ending the grievance culture and identity politics.  The superiority of American values (not ethnicities, as he’d put it).  The sanctity of private property, and its ability to let people create their own wealth and life themselves out of poverty.

For this, you backstabbed him.  Verily I say this unto you, you ungrateful, treacherous, slimy lying saps.  And to that I will add, obsolete.

Because here’s the other thing, and I have to again chime in with Sargon (and Trump) when they say the mainstream media are the enemy of the people.  People like Milo and Pewdiepie have a reach that dwarfs traditional media.  Old media can no longer compete with them, especially considering they are no longer trustworthy.  So they will continue to drag their own brand into irrelevance by dragging down new media stars by any means necessary.

The question is whether the Republican party wants to share their fate.

The GOP is the party of Lincoln.  This is no faint praise.  This is the party that was forward looking enough to get us through the Civil War, to get through the chaos of life to bring us into the future.

Again, we are headed into chaotic times.  The legal immigration issue and the current left/right divide threatens to start another civil war.  If we are to get through this and build a new tomorrow, we must accept that future belongs to new media.  It belongs to those who bring us together, be it over political ideas or over entertainment.

With such a blatant smear of Milo, all the old media are doing are further proving their own untrustworthiness and obsolescence in this emerging new order.




Friday links and Pewdiepie

You probably haven’t heard of Pewdiepie.  I haven’t either, and neither have most people over 20.  But he’s a YUGE Youtube entertainer (>50mil subscriptions) worth over $100 million, who was sponsored by Disney among others.  He was recently slammed by a hit piece on the Wall Street Journal among other things.

The issue is, his online platform is about as large as the WSJ.  So he managed to hit back.  Many have come to his defense and have explained just what’s so smearing about the WSJ article.  Sargon of Akkad is one, this is good to fram the issue.  Here is another one.  FYI Sargon is a great Youtuber to follow.  He’s been temporarily suspended by Twitter, but they can’t find anything real to pin on him.  He’s exactly the kind of libertarian conservative that big tech would love to block but can’t.

Over the years, I’ve become less and less tolerant of the media.” Kewdiepie gets redpilled and reacts to the controversy.  He shows how they cherry-pick to fit a narrative.  And he hit back so hard, the WSJ changed their tune, albeit hesitantly.

This should be interesting.  Because it’s what many of us on the Trump tendency have said for a while – politics is downstream from culture.  This is a new cultural icon at war with an icon of the old culture.   The WSJ offered to give Kewdiepie a chance to defend himself, and he laughed.  Why should he?  As I said, he has as big a platform as they do.  More so, he has a platform to the next generation.

Doubly ironic given Trump’s incendiary press confrerence yesterday.  But enough of that.  Here’s some fun links.

Next generation keeps getting redpilled.  Fires back at LeBoeuf’s “He will not divide us” project.  “You can use the word [racism] against anyone who disagrees with you.”  Apologies for the crappy link, couldn’t find anything better.

Did you know I’m really into physics too?  Here’s Leonard Susskind, Stanford physicist, on the black holes and the holographic nature of the universe.

Berkeley anti-Milo supporter explains the definition of fascism to Tucker Carlson.  Juxtaposing the violence with her expressing her definition is just vintage. *MWAH*

Joy Villa was a relatively unknown musician until she showed up at the Grammys wearing a stunning Trump dress.  The claim is her album sales exploded %18 MILLION.  Not gonna research the statistic, but it shows the culture is turning.   Otherwise neutral people can gain popularity by appealing to Trump voters.

Well, that’s pretty much it.  Unless you haven’t yet seen my article, Is the Flynn Resignation a Sting?  Updated with some more information.

See you next week.






Is the Flynn resignation a sting?

As I’ve said before, I’m generally not into the day to day political gossip. Especially when the mainstream press cries impeachment wolf for the countless time.  So when I heard of Flynn’s resignation I initially shrugged my shoulders.

But I also take a Trump victory seriously, and I take his pledge to #draintheswamp seriously.  There’s lots of slimy things in the swamp that don’t want their precious habitat destroyed, and they fight back.

So when my friend Thomas Wictor started talking about how the Flynn resignation was a sting, I started paying attention.  This could very well be phase I of Trump’s plan to drain the swamp.  And an indication of just how serious Trump is about commmitting to his campaign promises.

Thomas’s theory was strung along in 20 tweets.  I’ve compiled them in edited form for you below.  Oh, and he does some great military and foreign policy research.  You should check him out.

“Let’s say a person wants to hire a killer to bump off a spouse. They ask Mikey the Biker. Mikey goes to the cops.  A police officer poses as a killer for hire. He asks the person 900 times if they REALLY want to kill the spouse.  The cops says, “Let’s be clear: You want this person dead, right? You want me to shoot him in the head, right?”

It was clear that the CIA was telling the media stories about Flynn having inappropriate connections to Russia.  Now, imagine Trump as a cop playing a killer for hire. He began ASKING THE CIA IF IT REALLY WANTED TO DO THIS.

January 11: Trump announces that he pulled a sting operation and identified intelligence official who leaked information.   Director of National Intelligence James Clapper issues a statement opposing leaks.

January 23: The OBAMA FBI CLEARS FLYNN OF WRONGDOING in his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

Now, the murderous spouse goes ahead and tries to hire the killer.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates  warns the Trump administration that Flynn might be subject to blackmail by Russia.  Yates bases her warning ON A TRANSCRIPT. She’s the first murderous spouse caught in the sting.  She was fired January 31 for refusing to enforce the travel ban.

February 9: The New York times and Washington Post claim that Flynn discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador.  The articles are crap. They contradict themselves. This is from the Post.  

If those intelligence officials have firsthand knowledge, why can’t they tell us a straight story?

New York Times. Again, total confusion about what was said.

Finally, the proof that this was a sting: FLYNN KNEW HE WAS BEING RECORDED. From the Times.

Trump warned, Clapper warned, and the FBI warned, but the CIA went ahead and leaked ANYWAY.  Trump, Flynn, Clapper, and he FBI set up the CIA. And now the CIA gets to have its peepee whacked REALLY HARD.  Right now a bunch of fat drunks are making deals with the feds to keep out of prison.

Why would Trump be impeached? You have to commit a crime to be impeached.  Stop being silly. The end.”

UPDATE: I told someone “time will tell” and gave a month to figure out the aftermath.  Turns out it took hours.  “The leaks are real, the news is fake.”  Though it’s not inexplicable if you go by this theory.  Thomas Wictor continues to explain:

“The New York Times and Washington Post interviewed over a dozen intelligence officials.  All those officials had seen transcripts of Flynn’s conversation with the Russians.  Yet all the officials told different stories.

A foolproof method of identifying someone talking to the press is to give him a specific story.  If that story is published, you know where it came from, because it’s a unique story.  Why would the intelligence officials have so many different stories if they read the same transcripts?  The only possible answer is that each official was given a different transcript.

The FBI cleared Flynn on January 23.  The “leaks” were published February 9.  So Trump has everything he needs to reform the CIA, NSA, etc.

The FBI and Senate Intelligence Committee are going to investigate now.  Trump ran his own sting a month back, when he identified intelligence officials as leakers.  Trump warned them that this was illegal.  It appears he’s taken dramatic action.  The end.”

All about deportations

Millions of people will be deported overnight!  Cities will become ghost towns!  Jackbooted thugs will be marching a Trail of Tears right down to the border and shooting stragglers!   You get a deportation!  You get a deportation!  Everyone gets a deportation!

Again, this is what the media would have us believe.  And it’s yet another lie about the intentions of the Trump administration.

The LA Times, in their article LA, OC home to over one million immigrants,  discusses the immigrant community’s worst fears that downtown LA could become a ghost town if everyone were deported.  Ironic considering the criticism that a wall wouldn’t work, and yet we would or could deport a million people overnight, but I digress.  Our own city leaders are certainly adding to the fire.  Police chief Charlie Beck said will not deport immigrants under Trump.  Garcetti echoes this sentiment.

This is misleading people about the point – nobody ever talked about forcing local cops to find and deport criminals.  First off, Beck is saying this right after the election.  Beyond just the overall anti-Trump posturing I imagine he has to do, he has to make assurances to a population that has been fearmongered into hysteria.

But Trump has always talked about the crime spawned by illegal immigration.  When he speaks of deportations, he speaks of deporting the criminals.  In this contentious age there’s plenty of articles pushing for any viewpoint in the spectrum.  But one University of California paper lays it all out pretty plainly, and criminal illegals is at the top.  Those without criminal records who are working are “unlikely to be a named priority for deportation.”

I’d like to find some footnotes, but Ben Shapiro claims his friends in the LAPD say large part of the gang problem is control from beneath the border.  Curbing the illegal immigration problem would help,  especially if they could work with federal agents to stop this.

Again, there is a huge difference between police working with immigration officials to stop crime, and working for immigration officials to deport people.  The Trump administration has always talked about the former.  His detractors always claimed he’s up to the latter.

Hopefully, in this post, I’ve given you enough information to understand the issue for yourself.  This is a real issue, and as a candidate I’d like to present such real issues to you as I see them.