Gavin Newsom’s commercial is terrifying

After the Charlottesville protests the liberal establisment went all in to slander Trump and his supporters as racist Nazis. And Gavin Newsom, presumptive Democratic nominee for California governor, went all in on that message with this commercial:

Though this commercial is about Trump’s actions on DACA, we need to backup to Charlottesville to see just how committed the Democrats are to a lie. A mantra of mine is, pan in for propaganda, pan out for journalism. The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was painted as some big scary march of Nazis emboldened by Trump. Some placed the number at 10,000. Which is a blatant lie. Here’s the propaganda shot:

Unite the Right, panned in

Big and scary, yes?  Well, here’s a more journalistic shot:

Unite the Right, panned out

When you notice that a lot of the marchers carried two torches, the number dwindles a lot further.  So at most, maybe 200 people, more like 100.  That number is far closer to the usual number of people at a right wing rally.

That doesn’t prevent the Democrats from smearing half the country as in bed with these people.  And they have help too.  Gavin Newsom mentions giving money to four different organizations.  First off, the ACLU has defended the right of Nazis to march, in their famous Skokie case.

And the very fact that now the left is denying the right of Nazis to march undisturbed should already terrify all of us.  But that’s beside the point.  The real point is groups like ADL and SPLC are sullying their names to paint everyone as a Nazi.

As you can see I’ve written about this before – you may as well replace the word “Nazi” with “witch”.  These are hardly standout cases.  Indeed 2017 is the year of the false narrative.   Black Lives Matter, the “Muslim Ban”, and now DACA.  All based on running with hyperbole into full out lies.  Remember this SNL skit about DACA?

People saw DACA for what it was when Obama passed it – flagrant executive overreach.  And now the Democrats are calling its revocation “cruelty”.  Implying that their president had the right to pass whatever he wanted and the rest of us have to honor it.

Here’s the thing.  I can understand when the media sensationalize things.  It gets them ratings.  But when politicians do it, they are pushing a dangerous agenda that is ruinous to democracy and debate.   They are not fit to hold office, and they need to be vigorously extricated from government.

This is what we mean when we say “drain the swamp”.