Friday Links

It’s been a long week.  Haven’t written as much as I could have, for a couple reasons.  First, I try to avoid the partisan hashtags and get to the heart of the matter.  And there was too much partisanship this week to bother with.  So you didn’t miss much.  Second, I work fulltime and finding time to write is not so easy.  But maybe that’s a blessing.  Here’s some links I found interesting.

As much as I hate joining the ranks of Judge Napolitano, he has a great point.  The Democratic Party no longer one so many of us recognize.  #Demexit has certainly been a trending hashtag.

Why I left the Left by Dave Rubin.  He also has a great presentation of the Free Speech Wars.  “Who in your life do you agree with on everything? Why on Earth would that need to be said?”

I’m a liberal, and I want Milo on my campus.

Tommy Robinson with an epic rant about the #MuslimBan.