Government shutdown ends, border discussion begins

Last Friday President Trump agreed to temporarily open the government for three weeks in the fight with Democrats on border security.  This means we have a three week reprieve to discuss the immigration issue before government shuts down again.

Democrats have asserted they are for border security but just don’t want Trump’s “medieval vanity wall.”  That’s a lie that is easily debunked with some basic questions.  This is what we need to be asking Democrats:

  1. Why aren’t we allowed to deport felons in California?  This is what our “Sanctuary City” laws have come down to, and even its original architects are speaking against it.
  2. If no government department is allowed to check for legal status, how are we checking to see people applying for a driver’s license are eligible to vote?
  3. Why are Democrats opposed to asking for legal status in the census? They know full well census data is 100% anonymous and confidential.
  4. What do they have to say about border patrol saying barriers are needed at some points?
  5. Considering we aren’t allowed to get any statistics of legal status with regards to crime statistics or welfare benefits, how are they so sure illegals benefit the economy so much?

This is a good start.  Personally, I assert Democrats are not just for open borders, but for eliminating the entire concept of citizenship and duly elected governments.  Once you connect the dots above, and see California’s trajectory, it’s evident we are quickly becoming a one party state that is no longer elected, with a population where legal status means nothing.

We have a little over two weeks to push past their insults and smears, and ask for evidence that they want to preserve our current immigration and naturalization process.  That’s when we catch them with their foot in their mouth.