Petition to investigate and correct California’s Motor Voter program

California’s Motor Voter registration program has led to countless irregularities and complaints and is threatening the legitimacy of the entire voting process in the state.   People have been knocked off the rolls, the check for citizenship seems nonexistent, and the process is ripe for ballot harvesting, coercion and fraud.

Congress needs to needs to investigate California’s voting system, namely the Motor Voter program.  This link will take you to the White House petition I’ve created.

This investigation should involve a full audit of California’s voter rolls and finding out how the motor voter program has affected it in the past few years. If its findings are what we suspect, Congress should force the state to clean it up – or, if it finds the program either illegal or unconstitutional, to abolish it.

The problems we’ve seen with the program are threefold:

  1. Anyone who’s had to deal with the DMV in the past year seems to have been automatically re-registered as vote by mail, no party preference. This has led to some nasty surprises when voters came to vote in person and were told they needed to fill a provisional ballot.
  2. Processing a license through the DMV now requires filling out the voter registration form. There seems to be no check for citizenship other than a checkbox “are you a citizen?”  CA Driver’s Licenses no longer define legal status, so we’re concerned non-citizens are being registered to vote.
  3. Adding a bunch of people to the voter rolls automatically combines with “ballot harvesting” where paid activists go to people’s homes with provisional ballots and legally stuff the ballot box. We’re already seeing evidence of fraud and coercion on this front.  Scandals like harassment of ballot counters, impossible spikes in voter participation, and using public money to fund Democrat activists creates an overall scheme where elections devolve into a fight over which political machine is the most organized and aggressive.

Why Congress? We have approached the Los Angeles county registrar on this.  Their solution is simply to give them individual cases and they can investigate.  We already know why people’s registration was changed without their knowledge.  We also don’t feel we will get justice at the state level, as the state passed this law and the secretary of state defends it.  We also find their description of the motor voter program to not fit the reality.

The legal process would be slow, cost a lot of money we don’t have, and pit us against all the resources of the state which is now dominated by the party that benefits off it.  Remember this is one of the states that refused to work with Trump to audit the process.  While we don’t have hope in the legal channel, we are hoping popular pressure will succeed.  People are legitimately outraged and want to see something done about this.

UPDATE 11/28/18: Shawn Steel, former CAGOP chair, wrote a great article about this issue: When a 14-point Republican lead disappears.  He chimes in with what I’m saying – string together a series of legally dubious methods to get a total erosion of the voting system.

UPDATE 12/3/18: Got this tweet explaining the critical flaw in the motor voter program.  If the state requires people to register to vote, but forbids from handing over their information to the Secretary of State, how can they verify any eligibility to vote?  It’s all based on a simple declaration and an “honor system.”