#MuslimBan – what it isn’t, and what it is.

First off, it’s not a Muslim Ban.  That’s a lie, let’s get that out of the way right now.  Trump issued a temporary (90-day) moratorium on entry visas to seven nations in the Middle East.

The interesting part is he didn’t even name these countries by name.  He listed the seven countries listed by the Obama administration as terror hotspots.  There are much more populous Muslim countries that are much more stable and have no bans.  The rule here is countries which have descended into anarchy or are in open hostility to the USA.

What the media took from it is it’s seven Muslim-majority nations, therefore it’s a #MuslimBan and we’re one step closer to that Nazi registry.  And they took it further, conflating entry visas with permanent residency, claiming anyone who’s been in any of these countries won’t be allowed back in.

Utter nonsense.

This is one of those issues that verifies the statement “a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth finishes putting on its shoes.”  I and many others are still trying to compile the facts of the case, and we’ve already missed waves of airport protests.

Amazing how people can learn what’s really going on so quickly, that they can get passionate enough about the truth to go take over airports!  Or… they’re just impressionable young Democrat tools who believe the lies they’re told.

But this false narrative didn’t stop there.  Democrats are already putting forward the SOLVe Act, which removes funding from Trump’s Executive Order.  Nevermind that this is pure showmanship that will never pass a Republican congress.  And I’m not sure how that would even work, as the Executive has full jurisdiction over diplomatic affairs.  It’s not like he wants to start a new agency or something, he’s just giving marching orders.

We don’t even have to go there.  Rep. Cohen of Tennessee, a co-sponsor of the bill, is calling it “unconstitutional”, saying “We do not have religious tests in this country.”  Except there is no religious test.  The incumbent of my district, Karen Bass, tweeted her support for this bill, retweeting another co-sponsor who said “no one should be denied entry based on race, religion or nationality.”

Okay, so we agreed race or religion is BS, and this executive order has nothing to do with that.  So your representative is already lying to you.  But nationality?  Since when are we not allowed to restrict entry based on nation of origin?

This doesn’t just make no sense.  It’s deeply disturbing.  And that’s what this #MuslimBan is… or, more appropriately, what the Democrat reaction to it is.  It’s yet another an attack on ALL immigration law.  Coupled with their opposition to Trump’s promises to fix our immigration system and make it legal again, the Democrats have taken a turn for the worse from their more American days.

They really are pushing for a borderless country.  They don’t want to deny anyone in here.  They don’t want to deny anyone employment or the vote.  They are committed to this, they are monomaniacal about it, they have all their social forces ready to push it.  And if we can’t stop it, we will have to deal with the consequences of it.

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