Friday links and Pewdiepie

You probably haven’t heard of Pewdiepie.  I haven’t either, and neither have most people over 20.  But he’s a YUGE Youtube entertainer (>50mil subscriptions) worth over $100 million, who was sponsored by Disney among others.  He was recently slammed by a hit piece on the Wall Street Journal among other things.

The issue is, his online platform is about as large as the WSJ.  So he managed to hit back.  Many have come to his defense and have explained just what’s so smearing about the WSJ article.  Sargon of Akkad is one, this is good to fram the issue.  Here is another one.  FYI Sargon is a great Youtuber to follow.  He’s been temporarily suspended by Twitter, but they can’t find anything real to pin on him.  He’s exactly the kind of libertarian conservative that big tech would love to block but can’t.

Over the years, I’ve become less and less tolerant of the media.” Kewdiepie gets redpilled and reacts to the controversy.  He shows how they cherry-pick to fit a narrative.  And he hit back so hard, the WSJ changed their tune, albeit hesitantly.

This should be interesting.  Because it’s what many of us on the Trump tendency have said for a while – politics is downstream from culture.  This is a new cultural icon at war with an icon of the old culture.   The WSJ offered to give Kewdiepie a chance to defend himself, and he laughed.  Why should he?  As I said, he has as big a platform as they do.  More so, he has a platform to the next generation.

Doubly ironic given Trump’s incendiary press confrerence yesterday.  But enough of that.  Here’s some fun links.

Next generation keeps getting redpilled.  Fires back at LeBoeuf’s “He will not divide us” project.  “You can use the word [racism] against anyone who disagrees with you.”  Apologies for the crappy link, couldn’t find anything better.

Did you know I’m really into physics too?  Here’s Leonard Susskind, Stanford physicist, on the black holes and the holographic nature of the universe.

Berkeley anti-Milo supporter explains the definition of fascism to Tucker Carlson.  Juxtaposing the violence with her expressing her definition is just vintage. *MWAH*

Joy Villa was a relatively unknown musician until she showed up at the Grammys wearing a stunning Trump dress.  The claim is her album sales exploded %18 MILLION.  Not gonna research the statistic, but it shows the culture is turning.   Otherwise neutral people can gain popularity by appealing to Trump voters.

Well, that’s pretty much it.  Unless you haven’t yet seen my article, Is the Flynn Resignation a Sting?  Updated with some more information.

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