Los Angeles Municipal Elections – Endorsements

This is very overdue and considering it’s the night before the election I hope it reaches somebody.  My apologies, it’s been a rough last couple weeks.

Two issues I’m particularly concerned with – the Mayoral election and Measure S.  I don’t like either the incumbent or the measure.

My frustration with Garcetti goes back a while.  I think it’s time for a change.  The last time we had a Republican mayer was Riordan back in 2001, and I’m not sure any of Garcetti’s opponents are even Republicans.  Seems they’re all tripping over themselves with the “progressive” label.

His most well funded opponent (and therefore best bet to unseat him) is Mitchell Schwartz, I’ll probably wind up voting for him.  One thing I like is his commitment to affordable housing – by actually providing incentives for businesses to build houses.  Who woulda thunk it?

When this is your argument against your opponent, you're not a serious campaign.
When this is your argument against your opponent, you’re not a serious campaign.

Measure S is a much more clear cut issue.  It’s been accurately labelled a housing ban.  In fact I’ve never seen liberals and conservatives actually agree on something like this.  You’ve got every major politician and organization urging a no vote.  The Yes on S website pushes a lot of misleading half-truths on the issue, like pretending the LA Times endorses a yes vote when they don’t.

FYI I’m a HUGE opponent of rent control.  Always have been, even as a renter, because it screws up the housing supply for those who need it.  And given that LA is becoming more and more populated, trying to preserve things as they were will be even more disastrous for the housing market and the city.

Measure H – No. Sales tax is a regressive tax that hurts poor people and I generally don’t trust homelessness funds. 

Measure P – extending harbor leases from 50 to 66 years.  Not a major issue.  I’ll probably vote for it.  Extending leases tends to mean stability, not that it’s by much.

Measure M and Measure N are both about taxing and regulating marijuana.  My stance on marijuana legalization is neutral.  I think taxing and regulating will ultimately be decided by the courts, and I’m not sure the city will have the power to do this.  Colorado’s managed to tax it successfully, but their producers still deal with cash since the banks won’t touch them.

City Council seats – I don’t know much about these guys.  At least not enough to give a properly informed decision.  My suggestion is to go to the Ballotpedia page and research them on your own.  In the 12 or so hours between now and when the polls open. 😛