Trump’s Mideast Trip – an historic event

Finally, some real news (SO tired of the Russia nonsense …)

Trump made his first trip abroad to the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Israel, and then Rome, homes to the three great Western faiths.  And the major media seem to be missing the point, again.  This was an historic trip, by any stretch of the imagination.

You don’t even have to attribute it to Trump at all.  You can continue to hate him as a buffoon.  But consider all the firsts that happened this trip, that I can think of off the top of my head:

It’s the first time a US president visited Jerusalem.
It’s the first time a US president visited Israel on their first trip abroad.
It’s the first flight directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel.

These things may not seem like much to the naked eye, but they reflect huge seismic shifts in the Middle East that have been rumbling since between the ’67 war and the Arab Spring.  I’ve been intensely following the Arab Spring and the Gaza War of 2014.  Up until these events, Israel was seen as the scapegoat for the Arab world’s issues and the galvanizing feature that seemed to hold them together.

But the Arab Spring was the first event where Arabs willingly embraced the West – they literally went by the same pro-Western handbook that the East European revolts did.  Meanwhile, the Gaza War 0f 2014 was the first time the Arab states actually stood back and let Israel do what it needed to do, instead of intervene and demand an immediate halt to “Zionist aggression.”

And where Obama failed to capitalize on these events, Trump filled the vacuum.

Trump’s visit reflects a certain sealing of these new relationships.  What may have seemed to some as a clownish act of touching an orb was actually a fascinating show of unity.

The picture may be comical. But the people holding it are not. Trump, SA’s Abdulaziz, Egypt’s Sissi.

It’s a unity against the face of terror – they’re even using Trump’s “drain the swamp” line.  It’s a unity of understanding that Muslim nations must take the charge against it – in their own countries, in their region, and in their religion.

I really can’t begin to describe the depth of this new alliance or what it means for world peace and prosperity.  I can only say how much both the Democrats and the mainstream media seem to be missing the point.  Because what’s changing here is ideology itself.  And people don’t give up that mother’s milk very easily.

The Economist, for example, put out an article criticizing Trump’s silence on Saudi Arabia’s human rights record .  This is missing the point.  There are no human rights where there are terror, chaos and anarchy.  The governed will give consent to a dictator to get them out of this brutal state of nature.  Egypt is a case in point – I’ve seen this first hand.

Abstract human rights don’t work in a region where the religion is such an albatross around the neck of human society.  And while Saudi Arabia is seemingly the most backward in this respect, they are also showing the greatest resolve in moving forward, and bringing the region along with them.

I could go on indefinitely about other events happening in the Middle East – commercial developments, unheard of (and unspoken) military alliances, progress against terrorist organizations and Iran.  These are better left off for future articles.

I will conclude with this.  Those who detract from this momentous event do not see the immense opportunities that are arising from it.  As such, history will leave them behind.  Now is the moment for new leadership to arise and take hold of these opportunities for worldwide prosperity and peace.

And we haven’t even gotten to Rome yet.

By Ron B

I run this site.

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