June 7th primary election recommendations

Apologies for the lateness of this. I’d not originally planned on doing a voter sheet but I received a number of queries. This is not a complete list but is relatively thorough, and includes judges. At bottom is the list of GOP endorsed candidates for your particular districts. In some cases I include links to their campaign.
Keep in mind this is the primary. Top two candidates will go to the general election in November unless one candidate gets over 50% of the vote. That’s why in many cases (like governor) I don’t mind endorsing two candidates. The goal is to keep the incumbent/frontrunner from getting 50%.

US Senate (both seats): Mark Meuser
36th Congressional District: Joe Collins

Governor: Brian Dahle or Michael Shellenberger
Lt Governor: Angela Underwood Jacobs
SoS: Rachel Hamm
Controller: Lanhee Chen
Treasurer: Jack Guerrero
Atty General :Nathan Hochman
Insurance Commimssioner: Greg Conlon
BoE 3rd: Y Marie Manvel
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Lance Ray Christensen

State Senator: Joe Lisuzzo
State assembly: Keith Cascio

County Sheriff: Alex Villanueva
Board of Supervisors, 1st district: Kevin Dalton
Board of Supervisors, 3rd district: Roxanne Beckford Hoge

LA Mayor: Rick Caruso
LA Council CD11: Traci Park
LA City Controller: Campbell
LA City Attorney: Richard Kim / Kevin James

Judges – from Craig Huey’s Judge Voter Guide:
3: Frank Amador
60: Mark Rosenfeld
67: Ryan Dibble
70: Renee Ylande Chang
90: Leslie Gutierrez
116: David Gelfound
118: Keith Koyano
151: Karen Brako
156: carol Elswick

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