Who is Thomas Wictor?

I’m pretty active on Twitter.  In fact, for daily updates, musings and research, that’s your best bet to get to know me better.  And you may also know Twitter’s been having a pretty heavy handed approach on banning conservatives from their site.  Yesterday I learned that suspended users can still access their archives. And you can post said archives on the internet for the world to see. And I used that knowledge to archive Thomas Wictor’s tweets.

First, keep in mind his tweets are voluminous, and the archive algorithm is nowhere near Twitter’s production site. So have patience, his tweets will show up.  Second, this site is officially archived by the Library of Congress as a campaign site. So I’m happy to have Wictor’s tweets be preserved for posterity as part of the site.

Thomas Wictor is a shining example both of how an independent citizen can rise to renown with our new internet media, and how internet’s new self-appointed gatekeepers can shut them out to keep the false narrative alive.  Wictor’s main focus on Twitter was Hopology – the study of weapons and combat.  His study was as far as you could get from any glory in violence we see in the movies.  He understood how weapon signatures can tell you who’sworking with whom and other material conditions of a war.  He used this study to provide unparalleled insight into the  Middle East and other forums of conflict.

He also showed how weapons prove the press lies.  What I call the “Outrage Industrial Complex” has been a major theme of my campaign – showing how different foundations like Amnesty, the UN, Human Rights Watch and others, who use blatantly fake narratives and evidence to justify their own outdated existence.  This also applies to domestic issues and the rising tide of AstroTurf.

You can see by my own Twitter archive that Wictor and I had similar developments. While my Twitter started in 2009, I didn’t start tweeting in earnest till 2014 – the Israel/Gaza War.  That’s when I met Wictor. As someone with family in Israel, I knew the news we were getting didn’t reflect reality. Wictor had the eye to see that too, and his research into the war was beyond anything I’d seen.

It’s embarrassing, really. All these billion dollar news outlets were printing obvious and lazy #fakenews and here was Wictor, an amateur on a computer, cutting through all of it and bringing us Golden Age era research.  To me that was the beginning of the end of the left, when its false premises and lies became evident. The following years saw more and more people getting redpilled, Trump’s election, and there was Wictor, cutting through all the bull.

We always knew our days on Twitter were numbered. Twitter is a publisher, not a neutral platform, and our discussions were not a part of their curated agenda.  See, I work in tech, and a major part of my work is distinguishing between bot and human, legit and illegitimate messaging.  I’m quite positive Twitter hides behind their algorithm. A high profile case like Wictor getting banned, a human was behind it.  I’m also compiling information about key races in the election and how Twitter uses bot-style accounts to push the narrative and harass them with fake #BlueWave rhetoric.

Wictor’s ban from Twitter was based on an obvious lie. Much like Roseanne’s ban from television. Twitter wanted their excuse and they got it. But they forgot one thing.  See, the tweet that got Wictor banned talked about state violence. And the state’s right to use violence as an act of law enforcement. It’s a key part of any liberal order.

Wictor was talking about using state violence against a leftist assailant against an elected official. Something law enforcement works tirelessly to de-escalate from ever reaching such a conclusion.  By banning Wictor over even discussing the topic of state violence, they show their curated agenda is no longer suitable for discussion on policy.

Our district is dealing with the real consequences of the state of California refusing to enforce the laws. Because of this, vagrants are metastasizing and developing brazen bike theft, prostitution and drug rackets. Not to mention the filth.  Every day it’s another horror story, another complaint, another helpless resident. The police do nothing, the city government does nothing, they’re stuck in an utopian fantasy of giving everyone homes and everything will be better.  My “Alex Jonesy” side believes this is deliberate – the state is backing out of the public safety business and leaving law abiding citizens to the wolves.

Twitter has the same agenda as these leftist politicians. Law enforcement is to be a thing of the past. And if there’s no debating it on this site, then Twitter has crossed the line from a platform to a typical leftist rag.

I am sad about this.  Thomas Wictor did some amazing research, and his internet research has also been a major player in the Iranian Revolution.  Now that presence is gone from a very popular website.

But it’s okay.  He’s still active both on Gab and YouTube, and at least we can recover his tweets.  Because tweets like Wictor’s are historic documents.  Someday, a student will study our time, and they’ll come across my site at the Library of Congress, and everything will click.

Oh, and you can read the tweetstorm that got him banned in the archive.  It was a response to Alyssa Milano’s unstable diversionist tactics at the Kavanaugh hearings. September 2018. Tweet 16.  Remember to be patient.