Victories and challenges in the battle for our neighborhoods

The battle over our neighborhoods and livelihoods here in Los Angeles continues.  SB50, a California bill which would eliminate single family zoning in the state of California, fortunately suffered a setback.   And I also had a very successful article in Human Events “Disguising a Public Safety Issue as a Housing Issue”,  It also appeared in Culver City Observer and is scheduled to run in Citywatch LA, and got me a nice interview with Dr. Drew and Leanne Tweeden on KABC.

So we’re making advances and getting our story out.   But the hydra of property seizure continues to rear its ugly heads.

We just got troubling news that our leftist Culver City council plans on passing rent control in the dead of night this coming Monday the 24th.  As Republicans we know rent control can be a contentious issue, especially here in West LA.  But we have to understand the context of it.  This was not an issue the incoming councilmen campaigned on.  In fact one specifically said rent control does not work.

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Council is currently framing it as a “rent freeze”, but the City of Inglewood made their freeze permanent as soon as their freeze was set to expire.  So there’s really nothing temporary about this.  And if we see by previous meetings and decisions, there won’t be much discussion about this either.  The agenda was decided as soon as this council was elected.

From the document we’ve received, the rent control proposal is quite draconian – 3% regardless of inflation.  And the group that drafted the proposal, “Protect Culver City Renters”, is pure AstroTurf: no link, no contact info, no website.  Just a logo.  It’s the same gang of 15 people who pushes the same agenda at all the council meetings.

We have to understand these rent control measures as part of a larger attack on all our homes and neighborhoods by California Democrats: SB50, which eliminates single family home zoning; Repeal of Prop 13 which caps property taxes; Repeal of Costa-Hawkins which protects homes, duplexes and condos from rent control; attacks on law enforcement and vagrancy laws.  And then there’s the road diets and the proposed homeless shelters right in the middle of where we live and work.
It’s all part of the same agenda.  Democrats are scrapping their covenant with anyone who’s invested in a home or business in this state, rewriting it with them at the top and center.  If you want to preserve our neighborhoods and our way of life, we have a chance to stop them.  If you’re interested, shoot me a message on the contact form.