The lies about Trump’s policy keep coming

I was initially going to make this article about Kamala Harris and her participation in the Womens’ March, which she certainly fully exploited for photo op gain.  But the lies have been coming so thick and fast this week, I figured I’m better off writing one post than three.

Kamala’s rise to senatorship always bugged me.  California is now so crusted over as a one party state, we didn’t even really get to vote for her.  The newspapers just told us she’s the coronated Democratic nominee, and therefore she’s our senator.  I don’t like “elections” like this.

But that’s beside the point.  Kamala pulled no punches in her speeches at the Womens’ March, and subsequent tweets.  Railing against Trump’s alleged attacks on women’s reproductive health went arm in arm with a pussy-themed march protesting against Trump’s so-called pussy grabbing.  Which was based on a lie.

Too bad those punches are hitting empty air.  Here’s a cutout of Trump’s e-mail this week, asking me what I think his priorities should be right now:

I’m sure it’s in priority 6-20 somewhere…

Is a Trump victory an attack on Women’s reproductive health?  You’d think you’d see it somewhere here if it was.  If you wanted to split hairs, maybe you could lump Planned Parenthood attacks with reforming Obamacare.  But the fact is, Obamacare is unpopular.   So there’s no mystery why a presidential candidate would run on opposing it.

Trump ran on immigration, trade policy, and terrorism.  Those were the three themes that he consistently pushed in his campaign.  You could say he ran on jobs but c’mon let’s face it – does anyone NOT run on jobs?  And here’s the kicker.  The fact that a centrist like Trump decides it’s better for him to run a populist campaign in the Republican party than the Democratic party tells you everything about just how crusted over and elite the Democrats are.  Aren’t the Democrats supposed to be the party of the working man?  Well, not anymore.

And that brings us to immigration and terrorism.  The attacks on Trump’s immigration policy are coming like a tennis ball pitcher set to Blizzard, so I’m not even going to point specifics.  But the demagogic claim is Trump is against all immigration.  “We can’t attack immigrants, immigrants make America great!” “You can’t deport your way out of the immigration crisis.”

Never mind that Democrats everywhere are constantly and conveniently conflating illegal with legal immigration.   Which is infuriating enough in itself.  At least that last comment admits there’s an immigration crisis.  But where is Trump talking about deporting everyone?  He isn’t.  He’s talking about deporting the criminals who are here illegally.  He’s talking about securing the border, because without that everything else is pointless.

And he’s talking about cutting immigration from known hot spots.  Like Carter did on Iran in 1979.  Which is quickly getting blown up to a repeat of Japanese internment.  On this, I will share one fun one – Medeline Albright is going to register herself as Muslim.  Great, so I guess she will have to start the registry herself?  Where has he pushed a Muslim registry?

With all these, you can make conjectures and hyperboles and attach them to Trump.  Sure.  But that would be a misrepresentation of fact, which is the definition of a lie.  Trump’s been very clear on what he wants to do, he’s shown no hidden motivations to be more radical than he’s already being.

That is – taking concrete steps to solve the immigration crisis, solve the terrorism crisis, and get people employed in real jobs again rather than shipping decent jobs to countries where labor is cheap and regulations don’t exist.

And if anyone is not being honest, if anyone has a deeper agenda they’re hiding, it is those attacking Trump.  They don’t want any resolution to the immigration crisis.  They don’t think it’s a crisis.  Illegal immigrants are cheap immigrants.  Neither do they care about a national health care policy that doesn’t screw people over.   If you’re rich and well connected, you don’t need to care.

These people are welcome to keep lying.  But we don’t need liars in government.  We need people who can disseminate the truth.  Even regarding their political opponents.

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