Friday links (belated)

Been meaning to do this – a weekly compilation of the things I’ve read that I find newsworthy.   I think one of the major duties of a congressman is to be trustworthy source of information for his constituents.

And I think it’s especially important in these turbulent times.  The lies are coming fast and furious from all sides, and I myself am having a difficult time staying afloat.  I’m writing this from a coffeeshop where people are wearing Shepard Fairey hijab and “Pussy Grabs Back” shirts.  It’s Bizzaro world around here.

So this will be a weekly column of things I’ve found noteworthy/newsworthy, for those headier types also looking to tstay afloat.

Stephen Harper lays out the meaning of a Trump victory.  So many quotables in here I can’t keep up.  This guy gets it, and this in a media climate hwere even the most established have no idea what to expect.

On that note, Sargon of Akkad is a great YouTube channel to follow.  He was just suspended from Twitter for a day or so, we have no idea why.  But he had the best analysis of US/Russia relations I ever heard.  9:30 is where the fun really starts: “The United States has Russia and China enrounded by a set of bases which act as tripwires.”

And then, there’s newly appointed Secretary of Defense James Mattis.  The man is quite the warrior scholar and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.  Here’s his talk about the nature of Islam, and the divorce of liberalism from patriotism.   I haven’t gotten around to reading this list from Hoover Institution yet, but am looking forward to that.

Okay, enough heady stuff.  Here’s All Your Safe Space Are Belong To Us.

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