Smearing California GOP as neo-Nazi

Forward Magazine, a major Jewish publication, recently posted an  “Top Republican In California Senate Race Called For Government ‘Free From Jews’”  dated April 29th.  I wrote the editor yesterday saying I found it defamatory towards the California GOP.  As of this post, the article still stands.

In the 18  months or so I’ve been working with the CAGOP, I’ve never heard of this guy, nobody I know has seen or heard of him, and I’ve never heard anything like this ever said in the CAGOP.  The closest I heard to anything like this in the GOP at large was in Paul Nehlen’s meltdown in Wisconsin, and he was promptly disavowed and isolated.

Furthermore, a quick check with Wikipedia shows the only poll showing Patrick Little as front runner is this “SurveyUSA” – a site which lists him and Rocky De La Fuente, another guy with zero campaign, as the only GOP choices.  It was sponsored by some TV stations, so follow the money I suppose.

Contrast that with Ballotpedia’s distribution of candidates.

And the remainder of the polls, which are properly footnoted, don’t show him polling at anything.  Meanwhile he has no treasury report, and his hastily prepared site has no way to donate to him.  His registered campaign page,, is a blank GoDaddy page.  My own site is a great example of how easy it is to run a proper campaign.

I find it disturbing how easily an article like this can pass an editorial board with no fact checking.  In fact it seems part of a larger agenda in more liberal Jewish groups to tie any anti-Semitism to the GOP and Trump.  Meanwhile, they gloss over actual anti-Semitism unless it’s a way to smear Republicans.

This may get funding from wealthy Democrat-tied donors for now.  But it is not a tenable policy, for Jews or liberals.

UPDATE 5/3/18: Looks like the smear is spreading.  Newsweek just went with this story.  FYI if you’re unaware, Newsweek is a clickbait rag now.  Nothing they publish has any journalistic standards.  Also, Occupy Democrats have posted it.  And Forward posted my rebuttal.  I didn’t add the “typical liberals” bit, but I don’t mind.

UPDATE 5/3/18 #2:  Now Yahoo picked up this story.  Another clickbait rag, but let’s keep in mind it’ll probably go up the trustworthiness ladder to more reputable journals.  According to this SurveyUSA poll, the sponsors are KABC-TV Los Angeles, KFSN-TV Fresno, KGTV-TV San Diego, KPIX-TV San Francisco, and San Diego Union-Tribune.  I will follow up with these guys to see what’s up and see if they paid for this.  I also wrote SurveyUSA’s editor but haven’t heard back anything yet.  You can contact him at

UPDATE 5/16/18: As predicted, what started out with a lie has metastasized into gossip taken as truth.  Crowdpac is now using it as an excuse to kick Republicans off their site.  You can check out my FEC complaint about them.

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