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Lots of news to share this week. 
First is the main event, I pulled papers to begin registering as a candidate for this position.  I need to get a combination of 2000 signatures and $1740 to qualify, and I need to do it by February 7. 
While I have some core donors ready to help with the cash, I’m also running a very lean campaign.  And each signature reduces my fee by almost a dollar.  So if you want to help collect signatures to lower the cost, or sign the petition yourself, drop me a note. Signatories must be registered to vote in the 37th district.
And on the subject of fundraising, I filed a complaint with the FEC against Crowdpac.  They are acting like a Democrat PAC and not an impartial organization, as required by their Corporation B charter.  All the candidates they promote are Democrats – they literally promote a “Project Witch Hunt” which pushes witch hunts against Republican officials.  They are indistinguishable from ActBlue, which is a registered PAC. 
I’ve talked with a few other Republican candidates who chimed in and allowed me to add them to the complaint letter.  I will let you know more about this once I hear back from the FEC.  But for me this means fundraising is suspended momentarily while I switch to Anedot.  If you’ve pledged money on Crowdpac, chances are I will not draw on that pledge, but I’ll let you know about that soon enough.
And for some bonus news, Apple just announced plans to build a huge complex right here in Culver City.  I don’t know yet if this had anything to do with the Trump tax cut.  But I’m pretty sure it helped a lot.
UPDATE 5/16/18: Crowdpac is now kicking off all Republicans in the name of “standing up to Trumpism“.  The comments are hardly friendly.  I’ve amended the FEC complaint to include this.  Feel free to chime in – email the FEC – and reference complaint MUR7309.

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