Filing and FEC

Lots of news to share this week. 
First is the main event, I pulled papers to begin registering as a candidate for this position.  I need to get a combination of 2000 signatures and $1740 to qualify, and I need to do it by February 7. 
While I have some core donors ready to help with the cash, I’m also running a very lean campaign.  And each signature reduces my fee by almost a dollar.  So if you want to help collect signatures to lower the cost, or sign the petition yourself, drop me a note. Signatories must be registered to vote in the 37th district.
And on the subject of fundraising, I filed a complaint with the FEC against Crowdpac.  They are acting like a Democrat PAC and not an impartial organization, as required by their Corporation B charter.  All the candidates they promote are Democrats – they literally promote a “Project Witch Hunt” which pushes witch hunts against Republican officials.  They are indistinguishable from ActBlue, which is a registered PAC. 
I’ve talked with a few other Republican candidates who chimed in and allowed me to add them to the complaint letter.  I will let you know more about this once I hear back from the FEC.  But for me this means fundraising is suspended momentarily while I switch to Anedot.  If you’ve pledged money on Crowdpac, chances are I will not draw on that pledge, but I’ll let you know about that soon enough.
And for some bonus news, Apple just announced plans to build a huge complex right here in Culver City.  I don’t know yet if this had anything to do with the Trump tax cut.  But I’m pretty sure it helped a lot.